For Private-Practice Attorneys

The principal attorney, Karen E. Marty, has over 25 years of experience in land use and local government law. She served as a full-time in-house city attorney for 15 years before opening her own practice. Now she represents businesses and individuals who have problems with cities and other "small governments", such as townships and counties.

A private practitioner herself, Ms. Marty understands how important it is to treat referred clients well. Ms. Marty takes the time to listen carefully to what clients say, find out what they hope to achieve, and give them straight answers about their options and the likelihood of success. She will work with you to make sure the client's needs are addressed fully.

Ms. Marty honors existing attorney-client relationships. When an attorney refers his or her client to her, she carefully restricts her services to those necessary for the current matter. When the matter is complete, or when additional issues arise, she advises the referred client to return to the original attorney.

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