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The principal attorney, Karen E. Marty, has over 25 years' experience in land use and local government law. She served as a city attorney before opening her practice, and had daily interactions with city planners, city administration, public works and engineers, and local elected officials. She learned what matters to them, and why. She uses this knowledge and experience to help her clients now, working toward their goals, but framing matters in a way which will satisfy local government concerns.

If one word were to describe Ms. Marty, it would be "sensible". She brings a solid, down-to-earth attitude to her work, and gives straight-forward advice. For example, Ms. Marty is upfront and honest in assessing new matters: if she can't help someone, she tells them, rather than waste their time and money. She also works hard to find alternatives for clients, and give them options. She strives for excellence. She is comfortable both in and out of the courtroom, and enjoys complex and challenging work.

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