Practice Areas

Land Use Law - Land use law is the intersection between government regulation and real estate. Through zoning, cities, townships, and counties regulate the use of land. Through platting and subdivision regulations, those same governmental bodies regulate how large… Read More
Municipal Law - Karen E. Marty has handled a wide range of municipal matters — from annexation to zoning. Throughout the 25+ years of her career, she has worked in municipal law. Presently she works independently of any one city, sometimes representing a city… Read More
Real Estate Law - Real estate matters, beyond land use law, were a natural addition to Karen Marty’s services when she moved into private practice. While working for cities, she had handled many real estate issues, from acquiring easements and title to property,… Read More
General Practice Matters, Litigation and Appeals - Ms. Marty is available for general practice matters, such as simple or complex contracts, and simple wills and trusts. She also handles litigation and appeals relating to any or all of the above. Read More

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